RLetters/evoText Screencast (DHSI 2012)

Posted on June 5th 2012, 2:00 am
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This is a screencast of the demo of RLetters and evoText that I presented for the DHSI Colloquium at DHSI 2012. RLetters is a general web application designed to let users perform digital humanities textual analyses of a large corpus of journal articles. evoText, then, is my group’s installation of RLetters (with Grant Ramsey and others at the University of Notre Dame), designed to provide for study of the journal literature in the evolutionary sciences (biology, psychology, anthropology, etc.).

In the video, I describe the search features available in RLetters, the dataset creation, and the various currently available analysis tools. I also talk a bit about RLetters development.

The features described in the demo were current as of 6/5/12, but things are under rapid development, so they may well have changed since this video was uploaded!

RLetters and evoText are both publicly available, open source tools. The RLetters website is found at https://www.rletters.net, and evoText can be found at https://www.evotext.org

All videos and text are copyright Charles H. Pence, and released under CC-BY-SA 3.0, unless otherwise noted.